Introducing Clem the Murderous Horse!

Clem the Murderous Horse

Who is Clem the Murderous Horse you ask? That’s a great question! And I intend to tell you everything I know about that deranged four-legged marauder. I’ll give you a hint though; he’s not right in the head.

But first, let me fill you in on a few more details about how the idea of Clem the Murderous Horse came to be.

See, my son and I have this crazy idea of building Crooked Fall Studios into something for everyone. Free music for content creators, music tutorials, drumming lessons, and more.

But all that takes a lot of work, so that’s where our team comes in. And a “valuable” part of that team is none other than our quality assurance “expert”, Clem the Murderous Horse.

Clem was a spur-of-the-moment idea I concocted years ago, but it was something I wanted to see come to fruition.

Clem actually ended up being the second character we came up with after Brutus the Belligerent Beaver.

I like to do low-poly work in Blender so I got to work building a nice serene woodland setting where I could place our hostile equine friend.

It was beautiful. I placed a centrally located pond complete with a lifeguard stand and dock for anyone or any animal that wanted to take a refreshing dip in the water.

Material View of Clem's Woodland Home
This is a rather zoomed out picture of a particular part of the scene. It’s what Blender refers to as the Material Preview.

I even included a tether ball area along with a full-size tennis court!

I’ll include a picture below of what the scene looked like before being rendered. It’s always neat to see what a scene looks like before it’s brought to life through the rendering process.

Fully zoomed out scene
Here you can see a mostly zoomed-out scene. You might notice the mountains were created with simple planes.

And yes, because I’m me, I added a cave that I intended to house a sasquatch. You can kind of see it directly on the left side, opposite of the trees. Unfortunately, I never added him to the scene.

It’s a character I hadn’t fully developed yet, but mark my words, I might do that in the future.

Clem the Crazy Nutso Candy Bandit!

One thing you might notice right off the bat is that Clem’s skin kind of twists or contorts a bit as he lifts his leg in a section of the clip. Yeah, I don’t think I did many things right. Rigging has its challenges.

Two other things you might notice are the rock and stump located behind the tent and the passed-out Clem. They seem to be magically floating in the air. It makes me laugh how easy it is to overlook simple mistakes like that, but I still make them consistently.

Now, as promised let me now fill you in on who this character is exactly.

I mean it when I say, he is living in a whole different world of his own. He truly believes he is the roughest, toughest, meanest, most baddest bandit this side of the Mississippi. Seriously, he thinks he lives in the Wild Wild West.

He’s of the belief that it’s his God given right to claim and consume any and all candy he can find. In fact, his self-proclaimed alias is the Crazy Nutso Candy Bandit and he intends to procure all the candy ever made.

Robbing candy trains with guns ablazing, is what he lives for. Unfortunately, he is rather unstable in the mental department and is quite easily outsmarted due to a combination of low intellect and his self-aggrandizing ways.

Clem is also prone to fits of rage over seemingly innocuous events. One such incident happened when a particularly difficult candy heist went awry after Clem discovered that all the pillaged candy was cherry flavored.

He hates cherry flavoring…

So I hope that gives you at least a bit of an idea of what you can expect from that wild and crazy horse.

Until next time, take it easy and be awesome to each other.

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