Opening Thoughts and The First Real Content

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Welcome to my new website. A website that isn’t focused on any one particular group of people. It’s meant to be an outlet for those who share an interest in the topics that can be found on this website. Those topics will be music and musical instruments as well as 3d animation and any other random thoughts I have throughout the day. I guess I should say it’s just as much of an outlet for me to share my feelings and ideas as it is for all you guys. In addition, it provides me a place to share what knowledge I’ve gathered through the years. In, short I will be adding new content on a regular basis.

I fully believe this website will change over time as I have new ideas and new content to add to the site. We’ll see where this ride takes us. Who knows what this website could possibly grow into. I like to think of it as my on going project where everyone can share knowledge with each other. I too, will grow and continue to learn just like everyone here. And for that I am truly grateful.

Early 90's looking UFO
Here is a simple render of a 90’s looking UFO. If anyone asked, tell them I didn’t make that.

And as I mentioned above, this website will also be a place where I share odd, obscure and sometimes funny bits of information that might not have anything to do with music or animation. So I’ll leave you with this warning…perhaps warning is too strong of a word. Let me instead use the term give you a heads up. I’m fully aware that my opinions on life and things not seen might sound outlandish to some or downright crazy to others. So if you don’t like what I have to say just move on to something different.

That is all.

Take care everyone.

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Andrew has been a life long lover of music. Although starting his musical journey on the guitar, (we won't talk about his skills on that particular instrument) he found his true passion was for drumming and making music to share with others. He also enjoys writing blog posts about off the wall subjects that are very much real—such as Bigfoot, UFOs, and what's up with European mayonnaise. Why is it sweet???
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