Mysterious Universe: Is Bigfoot Real?

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If you’re anything like me, you often find yourself asking some tough questions about this crazy world of ours, and ultimately the universe as a whole. I know for a fact that many thousands, if not millions of people have at some point in their lives asked the question, is Bigfoot real?

Although I can’t give an answer that will fully satisfy all the staunch disbelievers out there, I’m confident that I can at least come close. If you are a believer in Sasquatch and other cryptids or you have had an experience of your own, then obviously I won’t need to convince you of the truth surrounding these creatures existence.

Let me start off by saying that there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to convince me these beings don’t exist, apart from God himself telling me they don’t. And I say that in all sincerity and with the utmost respect. So now that we have that out of the way, I would like to talk about the evidence pointing towards the existence of these beings versus the lack of said evidence to support their existence.

I will begin by sharing what I feel are the most common arguments skeptics make against the existence of a creature such as Bigfoot. But before I continue, I need to be honest here and share my train of thought as I’m typing this out. My intentions are not to offend anyone, specifically those who have a hard time believing that these creatures are out there roaming the forests of North America, and most likely the whole world. Therefore, I’ve elected to structure this section as if I were talking to someone in the first person. I feel that makes it a bit easier for the reader to relate to.

Bigfoot Forest
Do the vast forests of the North American continent serve as a home for the elusive creature known as Sasquatch?

Is Bigfoot Real? A Serious Q & A for the skeptic.

Q: “If Bigfoot exists, then how come no one’s ever come forward with a corpse? Surely we should have found one by now.”

A: “It’s been said a million times, but how many animal corpses have you ever seen while out hiking? I’ll bet the answer is pretty close to zero. And I’m talking about regular animals such as deer and bears. Animal carcasses simply don’t last that long in the wild; there are too many scavengers looking for a quick meal.”

“How much harder do you think it would be to find a corpse from a creature that is so much more intelligent? They very well might bury their dead.”

Q: “Alright then, how come we don’t have any good footage of Bigfoot? It’s so frustrating that every video is either super blurry, or the camera person seems to be having a seizure, or some prankster is trying to pass off a dude in a costume as being a sasquatch. It’s embarrassing really.”

A: “It is embarrassing. It gives a bad name to the people who have genuinely encountered one of these creatures. I’ve seen all the videos. There will be some sort of creature, crouched over and wading through the swamp, mostly hidden behind all the trees. Yeah, you can see ‘something’, but what that ‘something’ is, could be anything.”

“Instead, I urge you to take those so called ‘videos’ with a grain of salt and don’t let those dumb videos be a reflection of the true community of believers. We hate them as much if not more than you do.”

“In addition, I can say with great confidence that there are many people out there that are in the know, and they do possess genuine footage of these creatures, but they understand that the main stream media as well as certain other less than reputable organizations would do their best to discredit and/or destroy the evidence shown on those recordings.”

“Why would anyone want to destroy evidence you might ask? All I can say is that I’m not entirely sure, but I do know that it would disrupt the financial modal that many of these people depend on. Namely that these creatures are apes and not a sentient race of people.”

“The good people who possess those videos know for a fact these creatures exist and they don’t need validation from you, me, or anyone else.”

“Finely, I urge you to take another look at the Patterson-Gimlin footage once again. I say ‘take another look’ because I assume most people have seen it by this point. As computer programs evolve and film editing software improves, it is my opinion that the authenticity of the video is only increasing over time.”

“There are far too many details that point to a real creature. I would argue that that film alone is the best video we have to date that the general public has been allowed to see.”

“I would go more into detail here but I think it would be best to save that topic for a different post. Instead I’ll link to a couple of videos below that you can watch and decide for yourself if you still think it is a man in a costume or a genuine female sasquatch.”

Q: “Okay, I guess I can kind of see where you’re coming from, but I’m still not really convinced. It just seems mighty convenient that those two guys went out to film a sasquatch and low and behold there just so happened to be one right when they needed one to show up. What do you have to say about that?”

A: “Unfortunately, Roger Patterson, the one who actually held the camera and filmed the Bigfoot passed away in 1972, leaving us to trust that he was being genuine. I do however, understand it’s been said Roger was a known hoaxer and wasn’t the most reputable man. I get that and it’s something that does need to be taken into consideration.”

“His partner Bob Gimlin on the other hand is still alive and his story has remained exactly the same for well over five decades now. If that doesn’t lend at least some credibility to his story, I don’t know what would.”

“Furthermore, I believe these creatures live and dwell much closer to our cities and towns than we would like to think. I can confidently say, I believe the majority of people in this world have been observed by some of these creatures at some point in their lives. It’s just uncomfortable for most of us to think about so we don’t.”

“In conclusion to the question; I do believe it was somewhat of a coincidence, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was all staged. I simply feel there were some unique circumstances at play.”

“It’s said there is much more to the story prior to what we see, but it’s honestly quite sad and I don’t feel the need to go down that path at this time.”

“Could it have been staged? Of course. Although I highly doubt anyone at the time could make a suit that behaves as anatomically correct as Patty looks as she walks away from the camera.”

Bigfoot Crossing sign

Q: “Do you think that these so called sightings could be nothing more than misidentification? I know for a fact that eyewitness descriptions can be notoriously inaccurate when people are under stress. Perhaps these witnesses saw something, but that something was an ordinary brown bear or a misidentified tree. People see what they want to see.”

A: “I will agree there is likely a certain percentage of sightings that are misidentifications, but I would argue that the majority of those sightings would be from the so called bigfoot enthusiasts. The same ones that go out into the woods at night, banging on trees and hollering into the night. They’re just so eager to call anything a bigfoot. It would validate their stupid hobby.”

“On the other hand, I’m much more likely to believe the everyday average Joe who has nothing to gain from sharing their experience. In fact, it’s not uncommon for this to result in them being ostracized and made fun of.”

“The fact is, these people describe in great detail what they saw. They all, and I can’t stress this enough, share so many of the same details about these creatures that the chance of them all being misidentifications is virtually non-existent.”

“Many hunters have witnessed these creatures move like no other animal. They are extremely fast, and exceptionally strong. Not only that, but some of those exact same hunters have had the opportunity to observe these creatures unnoticed for extended lengths of time from their deer stands or deer blinds. That would mean ample time to discern what they are actually looking at.”

“I can guarantee you, that if I observed an animal for an hour, I could absolutely tell you if that animal was a bear or not. And these are hunters that know the woods and know the wildlife. Everyone knows what a bear looks like, and bears don’t run thirty-five miles per hour on two legs.”

Are Sasquatch Flesh and Blood or Something Different?

I would like to point out that the idea of large hairy wild men that roam the wilds is accepted and just a fact of life for many cultures around the world. From Canada’s First Nations people to many of the indigenous tribes found throughout North America; they all have legends about these hairy giants of the forest.

In my opinion, it is a grave mistake to discount the knowledge these people possess. They have so much knowledge but they have no obligation to share it because quite frankly, far too many people are simply close minded meat sacks stuck in their own La La Land with no intention of learning the true nature of our reality and how awesomely infinite it truly is.

Alright, I’m done with my rant. Moving on.

There’s convincing evidence out there that would seem to indicate that some, if not all of the sasquatch, possess some particular abilities that appear to defy science. I feel the best word to use here would be supernatural.

Just as humans vary in their abilities, so to do sasquatches. And just as humans can be good or evil, so to can sasquatches.

Before I continue, I need to be clear that I don’t claim to be an export in any of this. I’m only sharing my opinions and the knowledge I’ve gained over the years researching this subject. So take what I’m going to say next with a grain of salt.

I’ve always been curious about the stories of people shooting and killing bigfoot. Don’t get my wrong, I think it would be morally wrong to shoot one unless in self defense, but if these creatures can succumb to a wound caused by a bullet, it would indicate they are physical beings with physical limitations.

Now, on the flip side of the coin, we hear stories about huge footprints in the snow that just abruptly end. I’m talking about in the middle of a flat open field where there’s nowhere to hide. It’s as if the sasquatch just blinked out of existence.

This goes hand in hand with the accounts of sasquatch coming and going through what we would call a portal. They seem to be some form of interdimensional gate. I know it sounds crazy and far-fetched but it’s pretty common knowledge for those who spend time reading about sasquatch encounters. More than a few people have witnessed this bizarre phenomenon.

Sasquatch, portals, UFOs, and glowing orbs are frequently seen together. I can’t explain that, but it would indicate to me at least, that these beings are something other than fully physical. It’s almost as if some of them are more physically oriented than others. I don’t know how else to put that, but it would definitely lend credence to the idea that the sasquatch contain a mixture of DNA that doesn’t come entirely from the earthly realm but from the spiritual realm.

It is theorized by many that the sasquatch are a remnant race of beings descended from the Nephilim of the Bible. While obviously it’s only speculation, it would make a lot of sense if that were the case. It would account for some of their more remarkable abilities such as mind speak, teleportation, and the ability to cause great fear in people.

Continuing with that thought, I’d like to point you in the direction of a man by the name of Scott Carpenter. He has a YouTube channel with some really great insight about these creatures. He talks about how the sasquatch may have come about as well as proper behavior and what to do and what not to do if you find yourself in the presence of one of these beings.

He’s also written numerous books on the topic of sasquatch and sasquatch DNA which I will try to provide a link to. You should be able to find them all on Amazon.

I would also like to point you in the direction of another YouTube channel by the name of The Facts By Howtohunt. A man by the name of Steve shares encounter stories sent in to him by his listeners. You can find plenty of knowledge about this topic by watching his videos. He’s a no nonsense guy that doesn’t take crap from anyone, so be prepared for a little language if you have young kids listening.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not Bigfoot exists, check out the two channels I mentioned. Even if you are firm in your belief that the idea of Bigfoot is preposterous and they can’t possibly exist, at least these two channels will give you something to think about.

Tell me what you think in the comments; I want to hear from the believers, those who have actually had an encounter, and those who don’t believe at all.

So with all that being said; take it easy and be cool to one another.

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