Meet Bif! My Minecraft Bigfoot Concept

Bigfoot eating some pumpkin

Good day and good evening to all who are taking the time to read this blog post. I’ve been taking some time lately to introduce various characters that my son and I would like to use in our animation videos. It has been quite fun actually. I enjoy sitting down and fleshing out the personality of each and everyone of them. To put it a different way, I sit down and they tell me all about themselves. The more I write about them, the more they share.

Some would say that’s unhealthy or that I’m suffering from something called auditory hallucinations. But jokes on them, I don’t even know what that means.

So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to my favorite hairy wild man of the Minecraft universe—Bif Goot!

Bigfoot shrugging
Bif is looking a little confused here. I do believe there is a wild fireman hiding behind that giant red mushroom in the background.

Don’t let the red eyes scare you! Bif is one of the nicest sasquatches you will ever meet. Unless you are a pig or a deer that is. Or one particular arch nemesis by the name of Dr. S. Kookum. But we’ll talk about him a little later.

As with others of his kind, he has a particular fondness for bacon and venison.

Standing a staggering 3 meters tall, and weighing in at nearly twelve-hundred pounds; Bif truly is an impressive specimen.

Let me tell you a little more about him. It all started when he was born. His mother failed to show up, and his father had left them months earlier. Rumor has it that his father had run off with an unusually sultry Wood Booger from the Appalachian area.

Poor Bif was left all alone; orphaned in a world that didn’t seem to care whether he lived or died. Luckily, while foraging for peanut butter one particularly dreary day, an exceptionally inquisitive and extremely intoxicated Rock Gnome happened upon the downtrodden lad. The Gnome took him in and raised him as his own, teaching him the ancient gnomish ability of tinkering.

Bif grew strong in the ways of the Gnome. He adored his adoptive father Grumbit, and respected him greatly. Even other members of the wary clan had grown to trust and admire Bif for who he was. He was their protector; a duty he took seriously indeed. It seemed the world had become a bright place after all.

But, unfortunately all good things must come to an end. For there came a fateful and tragic day that would be forever burned into Bif’s mind. As he returned from his daily routine of fishing and gathering berries for the evenings festivities, he came upon a gruesome sight. The Gnome’s precious village had been sacked!

How could this be? The question repeated itself over and over in his mind. How could anyone find the Gnome’s village? It had been carefully tucked away in the middle of a copse of enchanted trees; complete with every illusionary spell of concealment that a Gnome could think of.

Black smoke wafted through the air as ransacked and demolished Gnomish homes smoldered in the afternoon heat. Someone or something had raided the village…

Bigfoot walking
Bif vowed that he would find out who was responsible for this cowardly act of violence. He would find his family, and those who were responsible would pay dearly.

In the blink of an eye, Bif’s whole life would be forever changed. His mind churned, a chamber of chaos offering no respite. A thousand emotions flooded through him in a split second. Questions upon questions swirled around in his mind.

Who could have done this? Why would anyone do such a thing?

Then it happened. A single thought manifested itself, pushing out all others. He knew then at that moment what he needed to do.

He would find his beloved father Grumbit and the rest of the clan. No matter what. Whatever nefarious entity was responsible for committing this dastardly deed would pay the ultimate price. There were no other options.

It was settled. He would become the hunter. He would become the liberator. He would become the terror that Squatches in the night. The Squatcher. The Squatch on the Watch. The Night Squatchman if you will. He goes by many names it seems.

Bigfoot chasing a pig
Faster than a charging bull. More powerful than a crazy hyena hopped up on bath salts. Able to leap tall fences in a single bound. It’s a bear. It’s a moose. No! It’s Super Squatch!

Bif devoted his life to training; his sole purpose to liberate his precious adopted family and destroy the evil that was behind this atrocity. He would prevail. Good would prevail.

If you want to see what a typical day looks like for Bif Goot, you should check out the video below. He eats some rotten pumpkins, does a few wood knocks, enjoys a front-flip, and then chases a pig. Not to spoil anything, but I think he’s having bacon for dinner. What better way to enjoy a nice summer day?

And with that, I must bring this chapter to a close. In the next installment, I will expand upon Bif’s new superhero persona, as well as dive deeper into the background of his currently unknown arch nemesis Dr. S. Kookum. Or as Bif would eventually refer to him, Dr. Kook.

I hope you enjoy these character introductions as much as I enjoy creating them. It will be very exciting when we get these characters animated and begin producing videos for everyone to watch. Until then, I guess you’ll just have to be satisfied with these character intros.

Until next time, take it easy and be cool to one another.

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Andrew has been a life long lover of music. Although starting his musical journey on the guitar, (we won't talk about his skills on that particular instrument) he found his true passion was for drumming and making music to share with others. He also enjoys writing blog posts about off the wall subjects that are very much real—such as Bigfoot, UFOs, and what's up with European mayonnaise. Why is it sweet???
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