Wall Breaker

Wall Break Animation Still

Here is a good example of something I was planning on doing with this site. You know, back before I realized I just didn’t have enough time in the day to accomplish everything I wanted. My big masterplan was to design 3D assets and allow users to download them for free. This was in addition to all the music I had planned for this site as well. It was supposed to be sort of like an all in one animation/music asset site. A resource for content creators.

Well I eventually figured out I’m going to have to stick with either making animation assets or making music for this website. I had to choose music. Maybe one day in the future I can expand and start including 3D modeling assets. But for now, it’s music.

But I’d like to share one animation I did when I was still in that ‘Too big of a goal’ frame of mind. It’s a quick physics animation done in Blender. I combined it with a song I made in Reaper just for the little video.

Speaking of Reaper, I’m considering adding tutorials about using the DAW Reaper and how to make music with it. But that is a conversation for a different day.

For now, I’ll just post the video. And as far as the short song I used in the video, I’ll get that posted for download as the website grows and gets organized. I can’t promise the time frame, but take a look at the video and it should give you a rough idea of what this site was originally intended to be about.

A cool little physics animation done in Blender. The first half is played regular, while the second half is played in reverse.

One great thing about simplifying the scope of my goals with this project, is that now I feel more compelled to add random stuff to this site that may one day be relevant!

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Andrew has been a life long lover of music. Although starting his musical journey on the guitar, (we won't talk about his skills on that particular instrument) he found his true passion was for drumming and making music to share with others. He also enjoys writing blog posts about off the wall subjects that are very much real—such as Bigfoot, UFOs, and what's up with European mayonnaise. Why is it sweet???
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