6 Tips to Maximize Your Playing if you are an Absolute Beginner Drummer

6 tips to maximize your playing if you are an absolute beginner drummer. Drummer.

Pay for a few lessons with a drum instructor Okay, admittedly this tip could probably be omitted because it’s such an obvious one, but I wanted to include it because there are a few things I would like to discuss when it comes to taking drum lessons. Obviously, (depending on the instructor) taking lessons will …

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Limb Independence: Switching Between Open-handed and Closed

Limb independence: switching between open and close-handed. Snare drum.

Today I would like to talk more about building limb independence. Now I know you might be thinking wow, is there anything drummers do that doesn’t revolve around doing countless different exercises to try and build our limb independence? The answer to that is certainly. We could be working on understanding and playing odd time …

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How to Improve Drumming Technique: Playing the Bass Drum on the ‘ands’.

How to improve drumming technique: playing the bass on the 'ands'. Bass drum.

Unless this is your first day learning to play the drums, I’m sure you’re pretty familiar with playing a generic rock beat that features the bass drum on beat one and beat three, and the snare drum on beats two and four. Well, this is going to change that up by focusing on playing the …

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