How to Improve Drumming Technique: Splitting up Rudiments

How to Improve Drumming Technique. Jazz music drum set.

Whether you are a new drummer wanting to take your playing up to the intermediate level or an intermediate player wanting to take your drumming to the advanced levels, learning to split up rudiments between your hands and feet is an excellent way to do that. And the great part is you can make it …

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Single and Double Strokes – The Meat and Potatoes of Drumming

Single and double strokes. Snare drum with drumsticks on top.

[Says in Homer Simpson’s voice] “Mmm…I like meat and potatoes!”. Sorry, I digress. I forgot to eat breakfast this morning and I guess I’m hungrier than I realized. But food can wait! I have more important things to do at the moment, and one of those things is discussing the ‘bread and butter‘ of every …

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